Quiktract Releases First Contract & Payment App Targeting Cash, Check and Verbal Agreements

The Quiktract app allows service providers and buyers to avoid long-form contracts and inconvenient payment methods

Springboro, OH, March 13, 2019 Quiktract Inc. today announces the release of the company’s mobile application on both the AppStore and Google Play. The Quiktract app provides individual service providers and buyers alike with the ability to get legally binding contracts in writing via their phone, as well as facilitate payments at the end of the job without having to navigate long-form contracts or deal with only cash or check as payment methods.

With an estimated 191 million Americans either buying from or providing services to another individual annually, the person-to-person “gig” economy has never been stronger. From traditional freelance and design work, to landscaping and lawn care, fitness instruction, babysitting, coaching, pet sitting and more, Americans are increasingly dealing directly with each other for their individual service needs.

Despite the strength of the person-to-person service sector, most buyers and providers don’t get the terms of their service arrangement in writing. Quiktract offers buyers and providers “quick contracts” on a mobile platform that gets agreements in writing, amends them in real time as terms change, and facilitates payment at the end of the job. Protection and accountability are delivered to all parties via a process that takes less than 60 seconds and delivers a documented agreement on every job.

“Three quarters of Americans are part of the gig economy whether they consciously realize it or not. Consistently, more and more individuals are working with another individual to meet their service needs,” says Lee Midkiff, Quiktract CEO.

“Despite these trends, individuals aren’t getting the details in writing – even if just on the back of the proverbial napkin. Quiktract makes it easy to get it in writing with simple-to-use, convenient technology.”

The Quiktract app currently includes 14 templates that form the basis of a Quiktract agreement. Quiktract templates available immediately span the entire service sector and include areas like lawn care, digital design and software, pet care, babysitting, handiwork, coaching, tutoring and more. Each Quiktract may be amended in real-time and amendments must be agreed to by both parties in the event scope or job details change during the contracted work.

Furthermore, embedded messaging between the parties not only streamlines communication but results in the automatic creation of service exhibits appended to every Quiktract.  Payments are likewise logged within each Quiktract and users are provided with the ability to pay or get paid electronically via the company’s QT Pay platform.

About Quiktract

Quiktract Inc. is the first person-to-person contract platform with integrated payments designed specifically for individual service providers, buyers and the general “gig” economy. Via either the Quiktract iOS or Android application individuals are able to create and execute legally binding contracts in less than 60 seconds. Quiktract’s integrated payment functions further allow individuals to quickly send and receive payments electronically directly via the application. Headquartered in Springboro, OH, the company also maintains marketing and development teams in Los Angeles, CA, Minsk, Belarus and Bhavnagar, India.

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From L.A. to Ohio to the”Silicon Valley” – of Eastern Europe

Quiktract is quickly approaching its formal release and work towards bringing simple agreements and payments to solopreneurs and buyers nationwide is proceeding in 24X7 fashion.  While 24×7 can often be viewed as an embellishment, at Quiktract it is the nature of our work and in fact is how our days proceed.

From Los Angeles to Belarus.

Like a lot of start-ups today Quiktract currently maintains teams in multiple locations. With management and technical staff headquartered in Southern Ohio, the company also maintains marketing staff in Los Angeles. Adding to the geographic diversity of the company, an additional team of individuals working on mobile development is based in Minsk, Belarus. These three locations span 11 time zones and create a true 24 hour work cycle for the company and its management.

A visit with the team in Minsk.

While few Americans know much about Belarus, it has become a technology leader in Eastern Europe with many products having emerged from the country that are now used globally by billions of users.  With an advancing IT Park where over 30,000 individuals specialize in software development, and a culture whereby half of grade school children long to be programmers, Belarus is quickly solidifying itself as a great location to innovate and develop software.

Recently I had the opportunity to spend over a week in Minsk with the team working on portions of the Quiktract mobile app. Admittedly, I can’t say that Belarus was much of a known entity to me prior to joining the Quiktract team. That said, I was excited to not only spend some office time with our developers but also learn about this former Soviet republic that few Americans know much about, and even fewer visit. The Minsk team has been phenomenal to deal with to-date and while daily video conferences do bring some personal elements to collaborative work, getting face-to-face with everyone was something I couldn’t wait to do so it was off to Minsk I went.

Arriving in Minsk, the first thing one notices about the city is that the majority of its architecture makes you feel as though you are looking back in time to the decades before the collapse of the Soviet Union. With over 80% of the town destroyed during WWII the vast majority of the city was in fact re-built in the post-wars years in what could be called typical Stalinist style. Large, square, concrete block buildings and wide multi-lane boulevards are the dominant style throughout town and this is noticeable the moment you make your way in from the airport. Modern buildings are obviously popping up throughout the city but a big portion of the city maintains that 1960’s Stalinist feel. To a history buff like myself this in itself made Minsk incredibly intriguing.

Probably most noticeable to an American visiting Minsk for the first time is also the limited use of English throughout the city. With limited Russian speaking skills and virtually no ability to read the language it makes the visit both challenging and more interesting at the same time. That said, with the iTranslate App in hand, a good GPS on the phone, and an adventurous spirit, Minsk is surprisingly a phenomenal place to  explore when not working. The subway system is straight-forward, inexpensive and ridiculously clean so through a combination of public transportation and comfortable tennis shoes I was able to take in a large part of the city in between meetings and visits with the team.

In regards to working while in Minsk, fortunately for both Quiktract and me, the local development team does speak English and their methodologies and approaches are very much in line with what I am used to. Agile, daily-stand-ups, retrospectives and rapid development are a common language that seems to cross cultural boundaries. In-office Foosball, fitness equipment and lots of Star Wars gear is also something that most American tech people can relate to and elements that make an office visit in Minsk feel not too far from Springboro, Ohio.   Needless to say, my visit with the team seemed like “home” and was 180 degrees from some of the differences one feels as an American exploring Minsk.

Being onsite for both the completion of a current sprint, app demo and forecasting for the next development sprint was a great experience to not only see the team in action but also spend time with individuals I had only previously gotten to know by way of Zoom, Slack and other communication methods we use across locations. Add in a traditional Belarus dinner (inclusive of the most impressive shot tray I’ve ever seen) and I can say it was a phenomenal experience both on a product development and personal level. We’ve brought good people to the team in a relatively short period of time and without a doubt those working on a little app known as Quiktract in Belarus are at the forefront of our crew. Geographical and cultural boundaries aside, we are all on the same page of bringing a great app and great solution to the marketplace.

After 7 days in Minsk I was actually sad to leave. Meeting the team in person and getting to understand their day outside the context of a Zoom meeting was a phenomenal experience. Getting to experience a city that’s evolving from its pre-Soviet collapse roots into the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe was as equally exciting. I’m already looking forward to the next scheduled visit which will come in the month ahead.

Minsk in Pictures.


Lee Midkiff, CEO


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