Quiktract Releases First Contract & Payment App Targeting Cash, Check and Verbal Agreements

The Quiktract app allows service providers and buyers to avoid long-form contracts and inconvenient payment methods

Springboro, OH, March 13, 2019 Quiktract Inc. today announces the release of the company’s mobile application on both the AppStore and Google Play. The Quiktract app provides individual service providers and buyers alike with the ability to get legally binding contracts in writing via their phone, as well as facilitate payments at the end of the job without having to navigate long-form contracts or deal with only cash or check as payment methods.

With an estimated 191 million Americans either buying from or providing services to another individual annually, the person-to-person “gig” economy has never been stronger. From traditional freelance and design work, to landscaping and lawn care, fitness instruction, babysitting, coaching, pet sitting and more, Americans are increasingly dealing directly with each other for their individual service needs.

Despite the strength of the person-to-person service sector, most buyers and providers don’t get the terms of their service arrangement in writing. Quiktract offers buyers and providers “quick contracts” on a mobile platform that gets agreements in writing, amends them in real time as terms change, and facilitates payment at the end of the job. Protection and accountability are delivered to all parties via a process that takes less than 60 seconds and delivers a documented agreement on every job.

“Three quarters of Americans are part of the gig economy whether they consciously realize it or not. Consistently, more and more individuals are working with another individual to meet their service needs,” says Lee Midkiff, Quiktract CEO.

“Despite these trends, individuals aren’t getting the details in writing – even if just on the back of the proverbial napkin. Quiktract makes it easy to get it in writing with simple-to-use, convenient technology.”

The Quiktract app currently includes 14 templates that form the basis of a Quiktract agreement. Quiktract templates available immediately span the entire service sector and include areas like lawn care, digital design and software, pet care, babysitting, handiwork, coaching, tutoring and more. Each Quiktract may be amended in real-time and amendments must be agreed to by both parties in the event scope or job details change during the contracted work.

Furthermore, embedded messaging between the parties not only streamlines communication but results in the automatic creation of service exhibits appended to every Quiktract.  Payments are likewise logged within each Quiktract and users are provided with the ability to pay or get paid electronically via the company’s QT Pay platform.

About Quiktract

Quiktract Inc. is the first person-to-person contract platform with integrated payments designed specifically for individual service providers, buyers and the general “gig” economy. Via either the Quiktract iOS or Android application individuals are able to create and execute legally binding contracts in less than 60 seconds. Quiktract’s integrated payment functions further allow individuals to quickly send and receive payments electronically directly via the application. Headquartered in Springboro, OH, the company also maintains marketing and development teams in Los Angeles, CA, Minsk, Belarus and Bhavnagar, India.

Quiktract Media Contact:

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Meet Dwayne | #ineedquiktract

The Quiktract launch will bring with it a wide variety of templates within the app that can be used by both service providers and buyers to initiate a Quiktract with another party. Streamlined and simple, these templates provide individuals with a straight-forward way to quickly get their agreements in writing. With a mission to serve as broad of user base as possible out of the gate, the depth of the templates in version one is quite extensive and includes everything from a general services template to templates for Landscapers, Babysitters, Coaches, Tutors, Fitness Instructors, Entertainers and more. It is important for us as a company to meet the needs of our user base while also providing the framework to make things simple and we’ve worked to build a diverse template base for the first version of the app.

Garnering user feedback, and understanding how those that we’ve shared Quiktract with to-date will use the app, is incredibly important to our company. Our processes and the technology we are building are being defined and tweaked by real-world people to ensure the most optimum fit possible.

As part of this process we’ve started having open conversations with those that have reviewed Quiktract, understand its mission, and believe heavily in its premise. Those conversations now form the baseline for a video series under development called appropriately enough #ineedquiktract.

Above you will find the first video in a 10-part series with individuals from all walks of life and all user types. In this first video Dwayne discusses the challenges of being a singer / song-writer and how Quiktract could be used by up-and-coming artists that need to get terms quickly in the simplest of forms.


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